Why Write a Business Plan?

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Determination and hard work are essential for any business owner, but an old-fashioned business plan is still necessary to ensure that you work smarter than the competition. E-commerce is a competitive industry with a dizzying array of niches and options to choose from. Writing a business plan before you launch, or even after you have developed a client base, will help you stay focused on what works and avoid what doesn’t.

When making an online business plan you will engage in:

  • Competition research
  • Big-picture thinking
  • Customer analysis

These three elements will help to make your online strategy stronger in the long run and help you launch with a solid foundation.

Important Sections of a Foolproof Business Plan

While business plans are as diverse as the businesses and entrepreneurs they serve, there are several must-have sections for any successful strategic outline.

These sections include:

  • The summary of your overall plan
  • A description of the goods or services your business will provide
  • Thorough market analysis, management structure
  • A listing of your products or services
  • Your sales strategies
  • The financial projections

Each of these sections is a crucial part of the story your business will write as it develops.

  • The summarykeeps you focused on the big picture of your long-term business plan, and it is a great section to re-read if you find yourself losing focus of your goals.
  • The section that describes your product allows you to take stock of what you will need in order to produce the goods and services that define your online brand.
  • The sales strategy and financial projectionsections work in close conjunction to keep your business focused on the relationship between sales, marketing and revenue.
  • The market analysis section of your business plan is essential when it comes to understanding your market and how you fit in alongside existing competition.

From industry reports to analytics and customer acquisition and retention metrics, these are the figures you need to master in order to succeed in your chosen market. If your revenue is lagging, it may be time to re-examine whether the sales and marketing portions of your business plan are working effectively.

Goals and Expectations

One of the greatest benefits of a business plan is that it allows you to set meaningful, actionable goals and realistic expectations for your business. Online businesses are developed over time, and a business plan is made to be structured yet adaptable. Clearly outlining the various components of your e-commerce business will help you make changes later on if you realize you aren’t turning the profit you should be. If your market analysis is up to date, it may be time to re-examine your customer connection strategies or reconsider how your business is allocating its marketing budget.

An effective business plan also incorporates the use of technology, products, and services. These are the digital tools you will use to grow your brand online, from social media management software to the ecommerce themes that make your website run.

Be sure to make a note of how you choose to pay these resources. Any items you use exclusively for your online business should be placed on business credit account rather than your own personal accounts whenever possible. Due to the fact that many online entrepreneurs start out working from their own homes, creating a clear separation between personal and business expenses is even more important.

Building your brand online can be overwhelming, but a good business plan makes the process more manageable by clearly outlining each step and defining the moving pieces of your business structure. With a better understanding of the framework of your business, you will be in a better position to compete and excel in today’s challenging economy.


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