What clients think about companies in your vertical market

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What clients think about companies in your vertical market, can tell you what they are anticipating from your business and how they will respond during the sales process. Tis perception will also determine how they will treat you like a vendor or provider throughout your relationship. If you don’t know how they think about your market vertical, you have a blindfold on. Your strategy will be plagued by merely guessing as to how they will react at every step of the sales process.
Potential prospects perceive almost all companies in the same vertical are the same. They sometimes show this behavior by not returning emails or phone calls. It doesn’t matter what size your company is or what type of market dominance you have, you are not immune from this perception.
The way prospects look at a company’s vertical is powerful and hard to change. If it is the prospect’ view that all companies in your vertical are the same, they probably think that anyone in your market can get the job done. This is beneficial to know as early as possible in your sales cycle.
The prospects specific ideas can be a barrier that will impede the speed of your sales cycle, and lower the gross profit margin. Your prospects will link two things together: their ideas and feelings on your vertical market and the behavior they use to negotiate the job. When competition is hard, educated organizations will take advantage of this situation. Their belief that all things are equal, and that they can source the job without much time- will allow them to do it themselves.
Every company today, regardless of market vertical, needs a unique value proposition. This proposition needs to be short and to the point. It must make you stand out from your competitors and grab the attention of the decision maker. Doing this on the front side of the sales cycle, will make you look less vanilla and might win you the job.


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