Digital Marketing


Digital and Inbound Marketing

There’s a dizzying array of opportunities to reach your clients online. How do you choose the right mix of digital marketing strategies?  How can you tell if your advertising dollars are working for you?  JLAbbott’s partnership with Advent Media Group will help you cut through the clutter and select the optimum mix of digital tools to ensure that your ideal clients find you.  

Digital Display Advertising

Digital display advertising places your ad in front of the very people who are already searching online for products and services just like yours.  With this innovative approach to display ads, you don’t have to worry about purchasing very expensive placement website by website for your advertisement. These targeted digital ads get results up to five times higher than the national average click through rate. Your digital ads will be laser targeted to your potential customers’ demographics, behaviors, and location.  With real-time reporting on your digital dashboard, you can easily monitor results and make changes as needed to increase your advertising effectiveness.

Inbound Marketing

Are you ready to take a proactive approach to customer cultivation online?  Inbound marketing attracts more visitors to your website, converts them into leads, and changes the way you’ll nurture those leads into becoming customers.  Inbound marketing, also known as “permission marketing,” turns the tables and gives the potential customer what they want: transparency, guidance, education, and ways to solve their problems on their watch.  When you shift your focus on helping your potential customer, they will likely return to you when the time to purchase comes.


Our team strategically develops a holistic SEO (search engine optimization) campaign for your company following a scientific, data-driven approach designed