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What would it Take for You to Hire a New Employee?

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“As seen in the Cincinnati Enquirer and Cincinnati Business Journal.” 


What’s the federal unemployment rate? This month I saw an article claiming that America now has a record 5.6 million job openings, while another published four million. Most in the mainstream public have a hard time keeping up with the bevy of articles on rising and plummeting numbers associated with unemployment. It can be confusing when so much data seems to contradict one another.   
Regarding the media story that exclaims we’ve hit a record in job openings, it begs the question: what quality of jobs? Most of this surge can be attributed to fast food and retail positions that have high turnover and on average do not provide a wage to sustain a viable living for a family. There’s certainly no denying that there’s a growth spurt in that industry. For instance, Target just raised their hourly wage about three months ago.
Some of the other discrepancies happening have everything to do with how and what is being tracked. For starters, these numbers are base statistics, often cultivated solely by federal unemployment claims. There are also several other factors that aren’t accounted, including: 
·       Everyone who stopped looking because they just couldn’t find a job.
·       People who ran out of unemployment benefits.
·       And, what I call “Reluctant Entrepreneurs” – those who have started their own business because they had no other alternative.
In reference to my last point, little is known about the growing phenomenon of individuals who choose start a new venture because they have no other choice.  These “reluctant entrepreneurs” comprise a significant proportion of entrepreneurs. Typically, these are people who preferred to work as salaried employees but found themselves suddenly shut out from the labor market, and so forced to start their own business.  Thus, their motivation was less the pull of the proactive entrepreneurial spirit than the push of economic necessity.

Other issues with unemployment can be traced to companies that have not caught up with technology.  For instance, say a company is hiring for an admin position: the interview is 15 minutes long, but when the job candidate walks in he or she sees 40 people waiting, resume in hand, in the waiting room. Multiply 15 by 40 and you have and you have ten hours of interviews.

How many of those people walk out because they’re tired of waiting? An easy solution would be companies that incorporate Skype or Facetime interviews into their interview processes to eliminate this type of scenario and increase overall efficiency in the interview process. It’s also much less discouraging for the unemployed, searching day after day. Even if the job candidate doesn’t have a computer, any local library offers computer resources to interact remotely.
My company, JL Abbott LLC, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, launched a campaign this month asking every employer in the Greater Tri-State Area: What would it take for you to hire a new employee? Since launching my company, I’ve assisted in successfully placing local hires. Let’s stop talking about the unemployment rate, and start taking steps to do something about it in the long run.






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