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Most entrepreneurs are in such a hurry to launch their product or service that they seldom look at business and marketing from a birds eye view and they don’t create a systemic plan.  Your company should be built from the customer back, not from the company forward.

What do I mean when I say your company should be built from the customer back, not from the company forward?  We help you practice insights for innovations that help apply the “voice of the customer” and other techniques to create innovated products and services with a distinctive experience.  (See our intelligence page).

A strong business plan defines your vision of the company and sets goals and timelines for accountability. I like to compare a business plan to a navigation devise.  Driving from California to New York is easy with a navigation devise.  Remove the devise and any maps you may have, and you might make it to New York, but it will take much more time.

There is an increased pressure for organizations of all sizes to maximize the competitions of their sales force.  With margin pressures and accelerating pace of change in business conditions, optimizing sales teams’ performance  becomes a #1 task.  The topic of selling effectively and profibably is driving the agenda for a strong  business and marketing plan.

Not all companies or start-ups are the same. We want to plan in more detail. Less detail is never right.  A business plan needs to be written before consumers latch onto a product or service.  Don’t be fooled by a “word processor” business plan.  Work with professionals that have written hundreds of successful business plans.  Each plan we write includes the following.

  • What are you selling
  • Service summary
  • Products summary
  • Section conclusions
  • Marketing analysis table
  • Market segmentation
  • Target market segmentation
  • Section Conclusion
  • Concept Kick-Start
  • Objectives
  • Mission
  • Keys to success
  • Company summary
  • Company ownership
  • Startup summary
  • Section Conclusions
  • Cash flow table
  • Cash flow chart
  • Explain the cash flow
  • Section Summary
  • Balance sheet table
  • Explain the balance sheet
  • Section summary
  • Financial plan summary
  • Long term plan
  • short term plan
  • Ratios Table
  • Explain the ratios table
  • Section conclusion
  • Strategy and implementation
  • Review milestones
  • Executive summary
  • Section Conclusion
  • Sales forecast
  • Sales Strategy
  • Explain you forecast
  • Stat up Funding
  • Explain funding
  • Explain general assumptions
  • Profit and loss table
  • Explain profit and loss assumptions
  • Explain projective revenue
  • Break even analysis
  • Explain the breakeven number
  • Section Conclusion


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I have been working with Joe for about five years. He has helped a great deal of my team open doors that would have otherwise remained closed. He is amazing using a step by step approach that has assisted Dell in achieving our goals.

Michael Dell

CEO, Dell Inc.

Joe is honest and dependable. His high level of expertise in many areas of business has been crucial to the development of Advanced Xposure. Joe proved his value in a short period of time and I truly appreciate his work ethic and the quality of his work.

Brendon Caine

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We have had the pleasure of working with the best speakers and trainers in the world. Joe brought our audience alive with insights and ideas that will change the way we approach business forever.

Richard Carbone

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