JLAbbott, LLC works with many small business owners. We understand the value of being involved and giving back to the community in some way. The benefits of helping your community create opportunities for those in need, directly affects the ability of other small companies to be successful. Each new business that prospers creates new jobs creating the middle class jobs that have gone over seas. A safe, educated and close knit community produces great economic benefits of which you and other business owners will be able to take advantage.

Giving back doesn’t have to be complicated. My company keeps it simple: I have chosen to work with start up and small businesses. It doesn’t matter how you do it—what matters is that you do it. What causes do you care about? How does your business contribute to them—and to the community?



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I have been working with Joe for about five years. He has helped a great deal of my team open doors that would have otherwise remained closed. He is amazing using a step by step approach that has assisted Dell in achieving our goals.

Michael Dell

CEO, Dell Inc.

Joe is honest and dependable. His high level of expertise in many areas of business has been crucial to the development of Advanced Xposure. Joe proved his value in a short period of time and I truly appreciate his work ethic and the quality of his work.

Brendon Caine

Owner, Exposure.

We have had the pleasure of working with the best speakers and trainers in the world. Joe brought our audience alive with insights and ideas that will change the way we approach business forever.

Richard Carbone

VP Sales Operations, North America Sales and Service. Unisys Corporation



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We provide your company with a team of expert sales and marketing professionals to help you accomplish your goals. Depending on your individual needs, we can provide assistance with formulating business and marketing plans, devising sales strategies, online marketing, strategic business writing, graphic design, and public relations.

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