"Come to us with your challenges and leave with a plan"
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JLAbbott, LLC equips your business with sales and marketing capabilities rivaling those of the big consulting firms, at prices you can afford. We’ll assist you in formulating a detailed plan for success with strategies proven to grow sales and drive profit to your bottom line.  

"We transform your vision into value"

 JLAbbott, LLC helps business owners and senior executives understand which sales and marketing initiatives are going to give your company the best return on investment.  We’ll assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of your customers and offer strategies to increase the strength and profitability of these relationships...More

Business Plans

A business plan is a blueprint for building your enterprise on a firm foundation. It’s an effective tool you can use to monitor progress, hold business partners accountable, and control the fate of the business.

Sales Strategy

No matter how fantastic your products and services may be, without adequate sales your business is in danger of coming to a halt.

Marketing Plan

Before you begin spending money to promote your company, products, and services, it’s wise to first formulate a detailed marketing plan.

Management Team

At JLAbbott LLC, we provide your company with a team of expert sales and marketing professionals to help you accomplish your goals.